Coaxsher FS-1 Mohave


This is the basic pack. The Mojaves design allows you to add accessories and optional packs later giving you the freedom to configure the pack to your exact needs. The ergonomic suspension harness provides all-day comfort with its high-quality padding, aluminum stays, and our new patent pending D.A.S. Dual Action Stabilizer system.


  • Reservoir Case Holds 102oz Water Reservoir (Sold Separately)
  • New Generation Fire Shelter Case
  • Gloves Pocket on Fire Shelter Case
  • Attach Fire Shelter Case to Side of Hip Belt w/alice clips
  • Waist Belt Daisy Chain for Adding Coaxsher Accessories
  • Capable of Adding Coaxsher Cargo Packs
  • Superior Comfort for Hip, Back & Shoulders
  • Perfect for Working In & Out of Vehicles



Lifetime Warranty

  • Model: CO-Mohave
  • Manufactured by: Coaxsher

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