Hi-Gain Whip Antenna

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The SP-ANT-BKW Whip Antenna is made from Titanium Alloy which makes it Ultra-Flexible for thise areas of dense forest.

This Antenna offers up to a +10db gain over a standard "rubber duck" type antenna. Tuneable from 120-175 MHz with a 6 MHz spread.

What this means, is a 3 MHz spread in either direction.

If you are in an area and can not be heard or an terrain that requires additional tranmitting power that your standard rubber antenna can not provide, the SP-ANT-BK Hi-Gain Antenna is ideal in meetting those demands.

NOTE: Please indicate your Center Frequency for proper tuning of this Antenna in the space below.

2nd NOTE: Do to these antennas being specifically tuned, ALL sales of these antennas are FINAL.

  • Model: SP-ANT-BKW

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